Digital Marketing Packages

Oscar Habeenzu, the Digital Maestro, offers four digital marketing packages clients can choose from – Starter (for maintaining presence), Professional (for generating sales), Premium (for sales and presence), and Exclusive (for corporate approach).

All packages include Social Media Audits and Reviews Meetings.

Packages do not include Boosting, Promoting, and Advert fees by Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.

Digital Marketing Strategy – Formulation of overall strategy to be used for campaigns, designs, messaging, and digital content for the business.

Digital & Web Analytics – Conducting social media and web analytics, extracting relevant statistics and data metrics for decision making.

Ad Campaigns – Formulation and running Advertising Campaigns on social media, based on objectives of Brand Awareness (Presence), Lead Generation, or both.

Platform Management – Posting and Scheduling of Posts in social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, WhatsApp Business, and more.

Lead Generation – Formulation of Ads and Content for lead generation function of social and digital media that include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, and more.

SEO Strategy – Formulation of digital strategy, keyword planning, indexing, sitemap management, content optimisation, and more.

Content Marketing – Creating, Distributing and Engagement management of content for the business and campaigns.

Video Production – Limited video creating (excludes capturing or shoots) of up to 3-minute videos with voice overs. Extensive video creating is billable depending on requirements.

CRM Management – Exclusive management of leads generated, placing them in a system (existing or new), and using that to manage the selling and marketing process for business development.

Email Marketing – Creating mailing lists, and email marketing campaigns to send to leads generated or contacts acquired by the business.

Graphic Designing for Social Media – Creating all necessary graphic designs for the digital marketing of the business; this includes posts and adverts.

Digital Marketing Training – A training course with eight digital marketing modules, done over a period of 10 to 30 days.

Monthly Reports – Reviews and audits of the period ending, for decision making and planning for the next or end of consultancy.

Ad Placements – Creating Top Banner ads to be placed in partner online magazine and newspaper websites across Africa.